Hard cross between Gustavo Petro und General Zapateiro

Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate, provoked a heated debate over social networks between General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, the commander of Army and the person who is running for the first country post under the Historic Pact. Gustavo Petro Petro posted a tweet stating that some (generally-ranking) officers "are employed by Clan."

"While the soldiers are killed by the Gulf Clan, some of the generals are on the Clan's payroll. The leadership is corrupted because the people who are involved in drug trafficking industry are the.that ultimately ascend to the generals"" Gustavo Petro said via social media.

General Zapateiro's response

The Army commander reacted to the message and within six rounds, questioned the presidential candidate.

"There is no one that is more hurt by the death of a soldier than those of us who wear camouflage. And, obviously, their families and the nation itself. petro gustavo However, their sacrifice to the country should not be used in political campaign narratives," General Zapateiro said.

Francia Marquez has denied being an Cali resident.

In a second message the officer of the highest rank spoke about the soldiers who have been killed in recent days. "Since 2021, over 500 military personnel have been killed and been wounded as they pursued their mission. The sacrifice was unnoticed and there were no announcements. It is odd that the pain and death of heroes of the fatherland is now being used to generate other manifestations.

Gustavo Petro asked the army commander if he knew any information about connections between the generals and groups that weren't covered by the law. If yes the commander should file an inquiry to the authorities.

Gustavo Petro "Senator. Please don't use your investiture (parliamentary unalterability) to pretend that you're inciting the death of our soldiers, but instead, fulfill your civic duty by submitting a credible claim to the

@FiscaliaCol of the details that you cite, who is"" the person who is the general mentioned.

https://www.eluniversal.com.co/temas/-/meta/gustavo-petro He also added a second phrase: "I remind senators that they are part of the group you label 'drug trafficking legislators'. https://www.bluradio.com/noticias/gustavo-petro I would suggest that citizens not make generalizations. Be respectful first and foremost""

The message from the top official that caused the most debate was one that stated that Colombians were witness to the president of the moment receiving money in bags.

"I have never seen a general appear on television receiving money that is fraudulently obtained. General Zapateiro stated that Colombians have seen him receiving money from the garbage bag.

https://www.pulzo.com/noticias/gustavo-petro In conclusion, the official stated that "to this most ancient institution of this country, whose members have unconditionally safeguarded the democratic principles of the nation for over 200 years, sometimes even risking their own lives," and called for respect.

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